Born in New Zealand in 1940, Graeme Welch is the son of a cartoonist and commercial illustrator. Surrounded by the caricatures of world war personalities and designs for cinema dioramas in his father’s studio, and with a talent and imagination fuelled by ‘Saturday Evening Post’ and ‘Colliers’ magazines he seemed to be pre-destined toward a career in the arts. In a typical expression of adolescent rebellion he abandonded painting , instead choosing science and immigration to Canada as a graduate student in Chemistry at the University of Toronto.

A long and successful career in scientific research, teaching, educational innovation and administration was to follow, which provided limited opportunities for painting and drawing. Never the less the muse returned in his forties when he successfully completd a part time degree in fine arts at Concordia University in Montréal. Occasional exhibitions of painting and printmaking were to follow, but it was only after he retired from his position as Dean of Pre-University Studies at Dawson College in 2005 that he has been able to devote his full-time attention to painting and drawing.

He lives and works in Montréal, Canada.

His most recent exhibition was Chasing the Savage Parade at the Warren G. Flowers Gallery, November 5-22, 2008.



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